In this day an age, with greater use of online services, good security is an essential. Please take note of the following advise to help keep you and your business safe online.

Notification Emails

We have seen examples of numerous emails pretending to from OrchidServe to our clients. These often ask you to update passwords or to login in some way. Ignore them – they are scam emails.

Just like emails purporting to be from you with bank, Amazon or similar – always be suspicious.

  • Check that the email has been sent from the actual domain for the company, and not just a similar one.
  • Check that the links (hover over them) do not lead to third party websites.
  • Never reply to them.
  • Etc.

If, for example, an email claims that your account is about to expire and you are suspicious – check with us by calling us, emailing us or raising a support ticket on the website.

Hosting and Email Password

Good passwords are essential.

  • Ensure passwords are complex and do not contain family names or dates etc.
  • Once a password has appeared in an email, reset it  – it will be unsecure.
  • Do not re-use passwords on different applications or websites (use a password keeper if you struggle to remember them).