You can use our bulk email sending platform to take all the hassle out of sending bulk emails. This is the cost effective answer to keeping in touch with your customers, members, suppliers etc with newsletters, accouncements etc. Also stops the risk of getting your own mailserver blacklisted for bulk mail sending.
With our easy to use interface, you can:

Create and send great looking emails – you can can create email templates that you can use each time, you can update your content onscreen, from anywhere.
Manage your email lists and subscribers – upload your email lists or allow people to subscribe from your website, the system also removes all the undeliverable email addresses so you don’t send to them again.
See great campaign reports and graphs – see who opened what and when and who clicked on what and when, in real time (ish).
Try it for FREE (up to five recipients). Just email or call us and we will send you a username and password to access the Control Panel.

Mail Campaign Control Panel

You can pay for the email campaigns you send in a number of ways:
Pay Per Campaign basis – where you pay for the number of emails that you send each time

Monthly basis – where you pay monthly, based on the number of active subscribers you have on you list and the number of emails you need to send each month (see the tables below)

Monthly options:

 Number of Subscribers Basic Package Unlimited Package
0 -500 £15 / month
2500 emails per month
£24 / month
Unlimited emails per month
501 – 2500 £24 / month
12,500 emails per month
£45.50 / month
Unlimited emails per month
2501 – 5000 £37.70 / month
25,000 emails per month
£76.70 / month
Unlimited emails per month
5001 – 10000 £68.90 / month
50,000 emails per month
£115.70 / month
Unlimited emails per month
 10,000+ ? Ask for a quote Ask for a quote