Mozilla Thunderbird is a free Email Client that can be used to access IMAP and POP3 email accounts. It can be downloaded from

These instructions assume that the IMAP protocol, rather than POP3, is to be used (POP3 needs different port settings).

To connect Thunderbird to your OrchidServe IMAP account:

  1. Click the Email option under Set up an account:

  1. The Set Up an Existing Email Account window is then displayed:

Enter your name, your email address and your password.

  1. Next, click Manual Config to display further settings:

    • Set the Incoming settings to:
      • IMAP
      • Hostname: mail.<> or the server, e.g.
      • Port: 993.
      • SSL: SSL/TLS.
    • Set the Outgoing settings to:
      • Hostname: mail.<> or the server, e.g.
      • Port: 465.
      • SSL: SSL/TLS.
    • Set both incoming and outgoing usernames to your full Email address.
  1. Click Re-test to confirm the account settings are correct.
  2. Click Done to close the window and complete the setup procedure.
  3. Your OrchidServe account will now be accessible to you in Thunderbird: